Rice production in IRAN in 2019

Self sufficiency in rice production in Iran in 2019


According to the information center of the Minsitry of Jihad-Agricultre, qoted by IRIB, Mr. Abdolmahdi Bakhshandeh told that: According to official statistics data, the per capita consumption of rice is 35kg in Iran, and according to the population of Iran, i.e. 83 million, we need 2 million and 9,000 tons of rice in order to be independent of import rice.

 He also mentioned that: With the efforts of farmers and good water resources this year, as well as good planning and logistics in terms of producers' needs, rice production in the current crop year has been very good, resulting in about $ 1 billion in foreign currency exchange has been generated.



Mr. Bakhshandeh has emphasized that: The achievement of rice production this year has been unprecedented in the last one to two decades.

He also added: The average area of ​​rice cultivation in the last three years in the country was about 600,000 hectares, which was increased in the current year to 830,000 hectares, which shows that there is an increase of 230,000 hectares under cultivation and therefore one million tons more rice was produced and we do not need to import from other countries.




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