Second rank of Iran in the production of date in the world

According to the information center of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture, quoted by IRNA, deputy of horticulture of the Ministry, dates festival in Bafq said that: in terms of date production, Iran ranks 2nd after Egypt.

Mr. Tahmasbi, then pointed out the fertile soil of date land in Egypt and stated that: Egypt harvests 20 tons of date per hectare. Mr. Tahmasbi expressed that the mean value of date production per hectare is about 6.1 tons, and told: date production in Iran is 6 tons per hectare. 


 He also described Iran as the origin and habitat of the palm tree and stated that: Iran has the most varieties of date production. Deputy Minister of Jihad-Agriculture stated that Yazd province has more than 2000 hectares of fertile palm, and added that: 85 percent of fertile palm trees are located in Bafq city.

He then after stating that there is enough water and high quality soil, and thus should produce high quality date in Iran, expressed his hope that: in the remaining 800 hectares of lands in Bafq city, high quality of date can be produced.

Translated by: F. KH
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