The minister of Jihad-Agriculture is in Nur-Sultan, Capital of Khazakhstan

Minister of Jihad-Agriculture arrives in Kazakhstan's capital, Nursultan, on top of a high-level economic delegation, and was welcomed by  Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Khazakhstan, Ms. Gul Mira Isayeva. 

According to the information center of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture, Mahmoud Hojjati, Minister of Jihad-Agriculture, stated that his goal of this trip to Kazakhstan was attending 16th meeting of Joint Commission on Iran-Kazakhstan Economic Cooperation.



Also, in view of Iran's joining the Eurasian Economic Union and Iran's cooperation with these countries, these cooperation will be operational during the next visit of our President, Dr. Rouhani, to Armenia.

 Minister of Jihad-Agriculture cited Iran-Kazakhstan cooperation in the fields of transportation, agriculture, oil and mining, and mentioned that he plans to investigate with his counterpart on ways of developing such cooperation during his stay in Kazakhstan.

The extra-territorial cultivation which Iranian companies have extensive activity in Kazakhstan, and executive and technical cooperation and evaluation of the capacity of the countries of the Eurasian economy are other issues that the Minister of Jihad-Agriculture is going to address.

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