Exchange of livestock drugs manufactured in Iran and Syria


According to the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, quoted by public relations of the veterinary organization of the country, Dr. Habibi, head of national center for diagnosis, reference laboratories and practical studies of the organization, at the meeting of the veterinary high council of veterans affairs, and the veterinary laboratories of Iran, summarized the capabilities and strategies of the veterinary laboratories.

In this meeting, Dr. Nabi-zadeh, a member of the supreme council of cultural revolution, told: The main purpose of the meeting was to introduce Iran's capabilities to the Syrian group, and develop cooperation and provide solutions to improve their ranking in the field.

Dr. Samer Ismael, a member of the Syrian parliamentarian and the chairman of the Syrian Veterinary Syndicate, who chaired the Syrian veterinary group, thanked the organizers of the meeting and expressed their animal medicine producers’ willingness to enter in the Iranian market.

In the presence of representatives of the trade union of animal drug manufacturers and the association of drug importers and the Razi serum and vaccine research institute, he invited animal drug manufacturers to introduce and export their products in Syria, and promised to provide his support.

Translated by: F.KH 
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