Expanding Iran's cooperation with Germany and Spain in transferring technical knowledge of seed production


According to the information center of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture, a joint meeting of representatives from German’s KWS company, Spain’s CELLBITEC and Rural Cooperatives Union was held with the presence of Deputy Minister of Jihad-Agriculture and Adviser to the Minister and executor of oilseeds project.

 At the meeting, first the representative of the Union of Rural Cooperatives has provided a report on import and production policies and programs for seed, management of cultivation and cooperation with foreign companies on imports of vegetables’ (especially cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and potatoes), rapeseed’s, corn’s and sugar beet’s seeds.


Then, each of the representatives of the foreign companies stated their cooperation trend and activities. In this meeting, Abbas Keshavarz, the Deputy Minister of Jihad-Agriculture, expressed interest in developing cooperation aimed at transferring technical knowledge of seed production in the country, and added that: due to time constraints, it is necessary to provide the seeds needed for autumn cultivation to ensure on time planting.

Translated by: F.KH
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