Cultivation plan for licorice in Euclid, Iran, and its export in the near future


According to the news received from the information centre of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture, quoted by IRNA, Mahmoud Hojjati, in his visit to the country’s largest licorice farm in Euclid, he mentioned that this is a novel activity, innovative, and appreciable.

Visiting the country's largest licorice farm in Euclid, he said the activity was new, innovative and appreciated. He then added that: This plan is unique in terms of the type of planting and the system of cultivation that has been achieved in cooperation with the authorities, local tribal people throughout the country.

The Minister of Jihad-Agriculture has added: It is the first time that cultivating of licorice was made in the country, and today about 100 hectares of this 200 hectares field was cultivated. He pointed out that there is a good compatibility of the region with this type of cultivation, as well as emphasized on the tremendous value of licorice. 



He also added that: Licorice production plays an important role in fulfilling the needs of the domestic industry. The Minister of Jihad-Agriculture mentioned that: Mass production of licorice and its export are effective for economic prosperity of the country.

Hojjati said the product is widely used in the country's pharmaceutical industry, and added: Mass production of licorice and its export are crucial and effective for the country's economic prosperity. The Minster of Jihad-Agriculture has continued that: Given that this plant is endemic to the region, and needs very little water, cultivation of it, reduces over-grazing of livestock, and has a favorable effect on the conservation of natural resources.

He moreover added: The government will also support scientifically, technologically, also through supplying electricity and transplanting, and providing facilities, will support those who intend to get involved in licorice cultivation in the country.

Translated by: F.KH 


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