Mass production of disease-free rainbow trout in Iran


The 1st phase of national macro-production plan for disease-free rainbow trout reached mass production in the presence of the vice president of science of technology, in Tonekabon.

 According to the information center of the ministry of Jihad-Agriculture, quoted by Taat, Dr. Sattari, accompanied with Dr. Khavazi, deputy minister and head of the agricultural education and research organization, and Hosseinzadegan, governor of Mazandran, he visited various parts of the cold water fisheries research center in Tonekabon, including the SPF trout macro site, salmon farming site, reproductive salon, aerial tower, and finally the ozone builder and oxygenating room.



He told that: the amount of freshwater trout production is 1 million tons per year, from which 170 thousand tons belong to Iran. The center has research groups in breeding, ecology, health and disease, genetics, nutrition and physiology.

The purpose of this research center is to study various issues of cold-water fishes with priority in the Caspian Sea fishes, and has carried out various research projects in this field to date.

Translated by: F.KH

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