Introducing the Seed Certification System of Iranian Native and Local Cultivars to the World

Iran plans to introduce its certification system for the indigenous and local varieties to other countries around the world.

 According to the information center of the ministry of Jihad-Agriculture, deputy director of seed control and certification of the seed and seed certification research institute told: Local and indigenous cultivars have a special place in agricultural production, and aiming to preserve these cultivars and improve the quality of their seed production is an important achievement for the country.

 Samad Mobasser has added: There is virtually no option in the world for seed certification of native and local varieties, and we intended to introduce a limited certification system for native and local varieties to other countries around the world.



He also added that: with the seed certification, native and local cultivars, implementation some policies of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad to encourage seed production, the number of products under the seed certification system has increased from 14 to 32.

 Mobasser mentioned that indigenous and local varieties such as Tarom and Dilmani rice or Mashhad melon have a privileged position in the country. Deputy of seed control and certification of seed and seed certification research institute of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture acknowledged that: The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) has eight seed certification programs, and Iran has been able to join six of those programs.

He added that OECD seed certificates are acceptable in 61countries, which are members of it, and mentioned that: by joining Iran in two recent programs of the organization, OECD has eliminated one of the obstacles to exporting the country's seed.

Translated by: F.KH 


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