Production of 80% of the sugar needed by the country

According to the information center of the ministry of Jihad-Agriculture, Alireza Yazdani by rejecting the claim made in some media that there was 600% increase in sugar imports to Iran this year, said that: in 2017, about 1 million 123 thousand tons of sugar beet and 872 thousand tons of sugar cane were produced in total, amounting to 2 million and 15 thousand tons of sugar in the country, and Iran achieved a historical record in the production of this product.

He also added that: in 2018, about 947 thousand tons of sugar beet and about 453 thousand tons of sugar cane were produced, totaling one million and 400 thousand tons of sugar, which showed 43 percent reduction compared with 2018.


 Yazdani told that: due to the production of about 1.4 million tons of sugar in 2018, and the import of 856 thousand tons of raw sugar in 2017, as well as the proper storage of sugar from the previous year, the need for sugar imports in 2018 has decreased about 281 thousand tons.

The executor of sugar beet plan, after stating that in the first six months of 2018 due to drought in sugar cane fields of Khuzestan Province, a decrease of about 25% of sugar cane production was predicted, has added that: with the onset of autumn rainfall and delays in sugar cane harvesting operations in the second half of 2018, as well as flooding in about 50,000 hectares of sugar cane fields in Khuzestan earlier this year, damage to the sugarcane fields increased and reduced the production of sugar by about 50 percent. For this reason and given the necessity of adjusting the sugar market, the import permission for raw sugar has been given to sugar factories of the country.

Translated by: F.KH 
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