Establishment of rice seed production complexes and Gilan seedling Bank with the aim of producing high quality and economical products


According to the information center of the ministry of Jihad-Agriculture, quoted by the public relations of Guilan Jihad-Agriculture organization, Abbas Keshavarz, Deputy of Agriculture Affairs of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture, along with the head of Gilan Jihad-Agriculture Organization and a delegation from board of directors, visited the province's healthy seed and plant production complex.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture Affairs of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture said one of the problems of rice paddy fields in Guilan is feeding rice, and has added that: establishment of rice seed production complexes and seedling bank of Guilan, in addition to the production of appropriate quality seedlings, it can support of the farmer in the field of cultivation, also will result in the production of a more productive product, as well as more economic benefits.



He stated that these commercial complexes are operating with the aim of producing rice seed and seed production in the province, and added that: reducing production risk, reducing the time period for the operation of agricultural operations, especially the planting and harvesting, are the purposes of the activity of these complexes. Deputy Minister of Jihad-Agriculture noted: with a precise and well-thought plan, we need to increase the amount of certified rice seed production in order to increase the cultivated land, and reduce the period of transplantation, as well as the exploitation of rice paddies in the province after harvesting rice, and in the second half of the year we can act as a second cultivation.

 Translated by: F. KH




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