The International Exhibition on Machineries and Technologies of Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture will be held in Vietnam


According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the exhibition of machineries and technologies of agriculture, forestry and aquaculture will be held in Vietnam, from Oct. 31st to Nov. 2nd, it will be sponsored by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Agriculture, Industry, Mines and Trade of the Vietnam, in Hanoi city.

According to the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture Information center, director general of the office of International Affairs and specialized agencies of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture said that: the relevant non-governmental agricultural sectors interested in attending this exhibition can obtain further information (in the field of booth rental, participation at the exhibition and getting information from previous exhibitions) through the following website:


Hooman Fathhi has added that: During the exhibition, a seminar will be held on introducing the latest achievements of technology in the field of agriculture and joint investment opportunities.

Fathhi has added that according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, the 45th food and beverage exhibition of Japan will be held at Makahari Exhibition center, in the field of fresh food (including vegetables, fruits, meat, dishes Sea and ...) freeze-dried foods, all kinds of vegetable and animal oils and organic foods and drinks, from March 10 to 13, 2020. He also added that: those who are interested in attending this exhibition can find further information through the following website:, and email address of:, or via the following phone number: 81334341391.

 Translated by: F.KH


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