Minister of Agriculture-Jahad's Biography


Biography and Scientific Resume of the Head of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture, Abbas Keshavarz

Engineer Abbas Keshavarz was born in 1946 and holds a master's degree in irrigation and rehabilitation from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tehran. He was formerly Deputy Minister of Jihad-Agriculture, and has more than three decades of managerial experience in the executive and research subdivisions of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture and the former Ministry of Agriculture. He has made dozens of scientific publications, including more than 45 articles in scientific congresses, and also contributing to the preparation of the 32 volumes of the National Water Document Book of the country, and has written dozens of strategic reports in the field of water and agriculture.

Mr. Keshavarz's most important posts and responsibilities are as follows:

Deputy Minister and President of the Agricultural Research, Extension and Organization; Director of Seed and Seed Research Institute; Deputy of Planning, Agricultural Research Organization;

Head of Crop Engineering Research Institute;

Director General of Planning of the Ministry of Agriculture; Director General of Rural Production Cooperatives; Head of the Department of Strategic Research, Agricultural and Water Research Center; Responsible for coordinating projects approved by the Global Water Challenge for Food in the Karkhe catchment; Vice Chancellor for Research, National Center for Strategic Studies of Agriculture and Water, Iran Chamber of Commerce.

He is also the author of Strategic Reports on the Performance Evaluation of the Fourth Agricultural Sector Plan and Adaptation to the Outlook, Food Market Status in the Present and Future, and Analysis on the Import and Export of Agricultural Products during 2002-2007.

Increasing self-reliance on crop production through productivity, including self-sufficiency in wheat production over four consecutive years, increasing production of sugar, oilseeds, cotton, sugar beet as well as development of agricultural mechanization, were parts of the achievements of Mr. Keshavarz during his tenure as the Deputy of Agriculture Affairs of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture.


Source: Public Relation Center of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture

Translator: Mrs. F. Khalili

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