Iran is the first reference for saffron in the world


The deputy minister of Jihad-agricultural also added: After India and Syria, we are the third largest producer in the world, but we are the fifth largest exporter in the world, since Iranian cumin exports are issued under the name of other countries. He also added that:
Given the current situation in the agricultural market, due to the problems caused by sanctions, we are striving to provide goods in full, but goods such as cumin and saffron, which do not have a primary use in the population, and thus there is a possibility to supply and export such products through stock exchanges. Mehfard has continued: In order for a product to be developed, its trade must be expanded; otherwise, the production of that product will be out of circulation; in this context, there is no possibility of development in traditional ways, but with the help of the commodity exchange of Iran, trade development opportunities can be provided.

According to his comments, commodity exchanges can clarify the trade of agricultural products and play an important role in standardizing and branding.




 We can also communicate with the international markets through the commodity exchange and also play a role in discovering prices in those markets, which means that the price of Iranian goods, as a reference, in the regional markets can be determined by commodity exchange. The Minister of Jihad-Agriculture has mentioned: Through the stock exchange, in saffron we can be surely as a reference price, and it is also possible for the cumin to be introduced as one of the most valuable references for its price in the world. He also added that the stock exchange performance has been successful in delivering various products and introducing various tools, and its performance from the theoretical point of view shows that this stock exchange has nothing less than commodity markets in the world, and can be deemed as a precious price reference for many goods in the world.

Mehrfard has also mentioned that: Iran has an agreement with Russia and Kazakhstan that these countries provide a credit line, and we will produce and export flour, and in this area, the stock exchange can enter and help the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture.

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