Unveiling of 7 agricultural service drones in Alborz, Iran


Unveiling of 7 agricultural service drones in Alborz, Iran


kambiz Abbasi, the head of the Mechanization Development Center of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture said: Development of mechanization and application of technology in the process of production of agricultural products is one of the main priorities of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture, which during the last 2 years, domestically produced agricultural drones have been identified and used in various agricultural sectors, including field spraying.

He pointed out that about 12 companies active in the production of agricultural drones in the country have been identified and registered on the site of the Mechanization Development Center. He also said: More than 62 models of agricultural drones are offered in the country, which have been localized by three knowledge-based companies.


Abbasi also mentioned that: Most of the activities of the agricultural sector, such as field spraying, foliar spraying, rangeland rehabilitation and rangeland monitoring should be done using this technology.A drone can spray between 8 and 10 hectares of satisfied agriculture in one day

Source of the news: Public relations of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture

Translated by: F.KH

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