29 veterinary plans will be launched in this year, 2019, decade of Fajr

According to the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture information centre, Dr. Alreza Rafiee-Pour, Head of veterinary organization, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Islamic revolution, in regard to the achievements made in veterinary medicine in the last four decades, has told: the country’s livestock, poultry, aquaculture and bee products value about 15 billion dollars, which represent a favorable food security situation in our country.

He also added that: Iran is among top 10 egg producers and the world's leading producer of salmon fish in the world. He then added that: Iran is in a good position related to our neighboring countries in shrimp production.

Rafiee-Pour also mentioned that production in the areas of livestock, poultry and aquaculture, with the efforts of veterinary and sanitary workers and researchers, has increased to more than ten fold in the past four decades.

He did also add that with more than 8 million and 300 thousands cows, 65 million sheep and goats, 200 million chicken, we have 2 million tons of chicken meat, 900 thousand tons of eggs and 900 thousand tons of red meat production.

In the field of animal slaughtering, he added that: the amount of livestock slaughtered in the year 57 was about 980 thousand, and now this number has reached 12 million. Head of veterinary organization informed that an agreement was signed with Brazil and Turkey in order to facilitate livestock imports between Iran and these two countries.

He emphasized that signing these agreement letter will have an impact on the market, as well as on facilitating imports of livestock from Brazil and the European Union. In response to a question asked by our reporter regarding this year Fajr decade plans, he mentioned that: 29 projects in various fields of veterinary, which worth about 922 billion Rials, will be put into operation.


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