Chahbahar, A natural greenhouse with great access to world markets

Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture told that: considering its close proximity, Chahbahar’s, with open water and good air temperatures throughout the year, as a natural greenhouse, has the best condition and position for cultivating all kinds of products.

According to the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture information centre, quoted by IRNA, Mohammad Ali Tahmasbi has mentioned that: suitable temperature of Chahbahar, fertile soil, the type of sun radiation and temperature of this city, made Chahbahar as the best location for the production of greenhouse crops and other tropical and subtropical products.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture also told that: some countries such as the Netherlands, Spain and Turkey have about a forty thousand acres of greenhouses, as the world's greenhouse cultivation poles, but none of them has the capability and potential of Chahbahar.

 He also emphasized on the completion of transport infrastructure, the issuance of licenses to implement agricultural and fishery projects, paying further attention to farmers’ challenges and problems, and assigning credit for a comprehensive development of Sisten-Baluchestan province, especially on Makran beaches.

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