Iran is the second largest producer and breeder of ostriches in the world

Deputy director of animal production of the Ministry of Jihad-Agricultural told that: Iran is the second largest producer of ostriches after South Africa in the world.

 According to the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture information centre, Dr. Morteza Rezaiee mentioned that: We have about 6 to 7 thousand ostrich producers in the country, producing 100 to 110 thousand ostrich pieces per year.

He also added: A yearly 3,000 tons of red meat is produced in the country, and ostrich meat is considered to be the most delicious and most quality red meat.

Rezaiee also mentioned that breeding ostrich breeding is one of the appropriate field for investment in the country, and for the year 2025, we plan to breed 200 thousand ostrich.

 He also added that ostrich stuff, as well as their egg’s skin/shell are among important items for exporting. Rezaiee pointed out that: To develop ostrich breeding in the country, it is essential to create a complete production chain such as slaughter, fattening and post-production industries.

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