After revolution, agricultural products increased four-fold in Iran

Minister of Jihad-Agriculture said: Agricultural products from 25 million tons at the beginning of the Islamic revolution has grown to 122 million tons, which shows a four-fold increase. According to the information center of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture, Mahmoud Hojjati said: Iran has gained many achievements in the field of agriculture after the victory of the Islamic revolution, which can provide a platform for the independence and self-sufficiency of the country in the food field. Referring to the 20-fold increase in the production of garden products, he pointed out: In the production of poultry meat, from 160,000 tons at the beginning of the Islamic revolution, it grew by 12 fold, to more than 2 million tons.

Minister of Jihad-Agriculture also mentioned that there was an export of $ 650 million in dairy products this year, and told that: The milk production in the country increased from 2 million tons in the year 1978 to about 10 million and 500 thousand tons in the year 2018. Hojjati has also told that: After the victory of the Islamic revolution, the production of fisheries has grown significantly from 50 thousand to 1.1 million tons. He added that independence in the production of food was one of the most important achievements of the Islamic revolution, and mentioned that today, with the self-sufficiency of wheat production in our country, foreign bread has been dismantled from our people's tables.

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