Overall Agricultural Policies

In line with Article 110 of the National constitution and in consultation with the ……., following policies were derived and declared by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

1. Sustainable Development of Agriculture via basic Natural Resource conservation supported by Human Resource protection and empowerment;

2. Provision of Food Security and self-sufficiency in basic crops with reliance on local production, escalation of safety and standards in foodstuff supply, reformation and optimization of Consumption Pattern and forwarding efficient support for export of agri-crops bearing comparative advantage or creating new premiums e.g. incorporation of subsidies revenue into production and export activities;

3.Correction of the agricultural structure and farming system through motivation of practitioners and activists towards adoption of techno- economic size of farms/enterprises proportional to their activities as well as socio-economic and climatic status with maximum mobilization and focus of public supports particularly, in ceding water and soil resources to them;

4.Renovation of production settings based on modern technology and know-how , training and empowering needed human resources, enhancing cooperative movement and other socio-economic and specialized corporates for running competitive businesses under a holistic participatory context;

5.Upgrading water productivity indexes in agri-crop production followed by scientific and optimal exploitation of other farming components;

6.Expansion of agricultural infrastructures plus due incentives for absorbing further investment supported by viable insurance premium; reduction of production loss, execution of supportive policies and balancing agri-profits with other economic sectors;

7. Effective protection of production process, reformation of agri-market system in favor of balancing an improved transaction compared to other sectors, promoting productivity rate, reducing production cost, observing total cost of basic crops, balancing producer and consumer benefits and enhancing quality of foodstuff ingredients;

8. Allocation of systematic subsidies to agriculture sector favoring self-sufficiency realization, infra-structural development, environmental consideration, flexibility under varying circumstances and boosting competitabiliy in local markets and abroad;

9. Leveraging rural/agricultural / nomadic communities income, towards sustainable development, poverty alleviation, infrastructural promotion, and diversification in production via expansion of modern processing plants and services at field level

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