What’s transplantation?

Transplant is a small plant that passes a part of its growth period in a suitable and controlled environment and is transported to the main bed at the right time.


  • Why do we use the production method of transplantation?
  • We do transplantation method since it has the following advantages:
  • Saving water
  • Uniform seed germination
  • Eliminating changes due to direct seed crops
  • Accelerating cultivating date
  • Increasing the growth period in areas which have short-term growth
  • Increasing performance and productivity in water consumption


  Various types of transplantation

Transplantation can be made in 2 types: ball and bare root. Ball transplantation has numerous advantages compared to bare root transplantation. Bare root growth occurs in a closed system, which causes optimal root growth, as well as production of large amount of hairy roots.

Plants classification based on their ability to be produced through transplantation


Plants with good transplantation ability




Brussels celery







Plants with a medium transplantation ability












    A good transplant has the following properties:

  • It is healthy.
  • There are no pests and diseases.
  • It is ready for shocks and environmental changes.
  • Its growth is rapid
  • Its root and stem are strong


    Factors to be considered in the production of mechanized transplants:

  • The seed source.
  • Tray, cell number and size
  • Average growth
  • Nutrition
  • Light
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Reinforcing transplantation


    Executive policies

  • At the end of the 6th plan/program, all plants and vegetables that can be cultivated through transplantation, they will be planted using transplants.
  • Sugar beet seeding cultivation program till the year 2021: 35000 hectare
  • Corn seeding cultivation program by 2021: 45000 hectare
  • Rapeseed seeding cultivation program till 2021: 10062 hectare
  • Cotton seeding cultivation program till 2021: 40000 hectare
  • Holding educational workshops
  • Create patterned and exemplary farms
  • Assistance in providing suitable seedlings


  List of exportable products:

Potatoes, Onions, Watermelon Tomatoes, Melons, Cucumbers, Peppers, Eggplant, Cabbage,,

Vegetable and vegetable products up to 15% of their annual production with the value of about 1 billion dollars will be exported to other countries.

Translated by: F.KH 



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