Terms of Reference for the Agro-industries Office:

· Policy-making, studying and monitoring on development and supporting agro-processing industries in favor of preparation, grading, storing, packaging, post-harvest wastes controlling, marketing, national/ Halal branding, thematic clusters formation, R & D in varying crops e.g. agronomics, orchards, green-houses, livestock, fishery and aquatics, forests and rangelands;

· Conducting legal commitments inspired by codes and conducts in agro-processing plants;

· Scheduling short, medium and long terms plans in agro-processing businesses based on certain factors including production poles, added-value, competition, diversification, safe- and exportable commodities production;

· Issuing authorization for establishment and development of processing plants;

· Planning and coordination in development and steering info system and advisory services on agro-plants;

· Bedding for building capacity and empowerment of agro-industrial guilds and associations;

· Coordination, synergy and interaction in exchanging required intelligence with concerned offices/agencies (Ministry of Industries, Dept. of Environment, Ministry of Health);

· Regular surveillance and appraisal on projects and activities associated with agro-processing plants.

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