ICT and Administrative Change

Office for ICT and Administrative Change:

-Policy-making, planning and supporting for mobilization and application of soft/hard wares accompanied by organization, integration and updating administrative automation systems, enforcing modifications and upgrading modules and developing internet/intranet facilities and network over veterinary service;

- Management on exploitation of veterinary network and its data systems;

- planning and forecasting needed training campaigns on ITC plus security consideration and technical skill provision for managers and staffs based on approved informatics codes and conducts;

- Figuring out strategies, perspectives and scopes in realizing Cyber Organization, cyber service provision, remote working and other related policies as obligated by circulated guidelines/bills;

. - Planning, studying and inaction for establishment of paperless systems and managerial counter for top managers to access the latest organizational performance reports/analysis accompanied by development of Knowledge Management System as a viable platform for information exchange amid staffs;

- Policy-making and planning on formulation and circulation of security protocols for cyber network connection with external grids followed by supervision on their sound operation , security risk analysis, reduction of vulnerability and provision of required technologies for security enhancement purpose;

- Planning and following up for development and enforcement of Comprehensive Security of the Network and related information based on the approved instructions and protocols, briefing the staff on security issues and blocking unauthorized persons to access the network and privacies trough awareness campaigns on new influential techniques and protective methods accompanied by due modification and supervision on combating new threats;

- Planning to respond the requirements based on organizational priorities under short, medium and long terms schedules in controlling and monitoring on operational processes and methodologies followed by their impact assessment;

6. - Investigation and re-engineering of executive missions, commitments and processes towards rationalization of the IVO size and improvement of its performance in view to Article 24 of the National Service Management Act;

- Conducting imperative studies and appraisal on structural and staffing renovation in compliance with HRDP in the entire Org.;

- Identification and studying on Flow Chart and HRDP for optimum shape and content followed by reflecting the new arrangement to Ministerial and Presidential authorities;

- Planning, monitoring and following up for anchoring new management system and needed administrative changes throughout the IVO premises;

- Extension and development of "CHANGE" culture and concept in the Organization;

- Studying, estimation and seeking of needed budgets and credits for designing and implementation of renovation schemes, administrative change and development of IT;

- Planning on projects' control and management followed by its budgets allocation and supervision;

- Monitoring and evaluation of ICT plans and projects accompanied by their concurrence to ongoing policies and collecting performance reports for systematic removal of gaps and defects;

- Policy-making, planning and supervision on development of viable system for data/statistics collection and analysis and reporting the performance;

- Studying, planning and surveillance on quality and quantity of services, resources and equipments;

- Need assessment on training requirements for the staff and managers;

- Planning and seeking permissions for holding training courses based on need-assessment criteria;

- Supervision on sound and effective convention of training courses followed by their quality and impact assessment for further reports;

- Preparing training identity and background for the staff;

- Cooperation in planning for convention of re-training campaigns in private veterinary sector;

- Need-assessment of extension campaigns in the veterinary service and sector;

- Planning and seeking permissions for holding training-extension campaigns upon detected imperatives;

- Supervision on sound and effective operation of training-extension courses followed by appraisal of their quality and impacts for reporting purpose;

- Planning and seeking due facilities for staff education under the formal codes and conducts;

- Planning and seeking permission of tailor-made training courses for managers;

- Planning and supervision on designing and commencement of specialized recruitment quizzes for detection of their impacts and reporting;

- Policy-making and planning on training campaigns for private sector;

-Policy-making, planning and monitoring on in-service training courses for staffs;

- Extension and transfer of findings in terms of veterinary health, quarantine and bio-safety to target beneficiaries;

- Cooperation and coordination with academic-scientific training centers in planning for human resource development as to fulfill veterinary sector's requirement;

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