Terms of Reference for Sericulture Development Center

ü Policy-making, planning and monitoring on conservation and development of silk-worm genetic stocks via line-seeds, ancestors and parents production supported by quality berries trees under full public governance;

ü Launching technical surveillance on parent and hybrid seeds production;

ü Supporting hybrid cocoon farmers by supplying them with certain inputs e.g. silk-worm seeds and improved berry saplings on subsidy basis;

ü Estimating credit resources, subsidies, and other assistance over a 5-year schedule for construction and renovation of sericulture farms in compliance with areal/climatic conditions;

ü Planning on improved training, extension and vocational campaigns for applicants specifically rural women supported by execution of pattern berries promotion initiatives and sample sericulture farms;

ü Close interaction with creditable research institutes for needed findings and recommendations;

ü Planning and promoting various berries orchards in connection with varying sericulture environments;

ü Signifying conservation of silk-worm genetic preference in favor of improved productivity and yield;

ü Generation and management of Berries’ Gene-Bank by the Center;

 Technical supervision on hygienic farming environment, raising young worms, matured worms, cocoon development processes, picking and supplying to cocoon markets, development, improvement, management and harvesting of berries farms accompanied by training of farmers;

ü Investigation of sericulture farmers’ problems in terms of farm creation, berries-farm development and other businesses supported by credit mobilization and insurance coverage, etc.;

ü Collection and dissemination of sericultural business statistics and information to relevant authorities;

ü Planning and tracing all stages of production, supplying and dispersion of silk-worm seeds at 3 differential levels P, P1 and P2 as to meet national requirements;

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