Center for Animal Breeding and Production Improvement

ü Designing and operating a viable/national network for info-exchange on breeding specification of varying livestock species and genes from the center down to field level and proportional to selected aspects and scopes;

ü Conducting surveys and analysis on existing genetic status serving to needs/priorities detection in animal breeding and production improvement;

ü Outlining National Action Plan for genetic/productivity improvement and for simulating the same instructions at provincial/areal scales, and in line with mandatory codes and conducts;

 Need-assessment on national requirements for inputs, machinery and tools involved in animal genetic breeding and production and follow up on due procurement and distribution from related agencies;

ü Supervision on genetic improvement/production plans and projects as well as their impacts and needed reformation at national scale;

ü Investigation, guidance and monitoring on pattern initiatives in genetic improvement/ production nation wide and extending the achievements;

ü Tracing the research, training and extension requirements followed by circulating workable codes and conducts on animal raising, breeding and producing processes to operational offices and practitioners concerned;

 Bredding for required investments and seeking bank credits and facilities in provision and development of tools and equipments for animal breeding and production purposes;

ü Directing the line offices towards introduction of new breeding methodologies and perspectives;

ü Formulating and enforcing national plans for conservation of domestic genetic diversity and formation of gene bank;

ü Compiling codes and conducts for export/import of genetic materials e.g. various sperms, embryos, live animals, … and serious surveillance on the process;

ü Setting close interaction with int’l specialized institutions for exchange of technical findings and incorporating them into raising, breeding and production practices;

ü Derivation of required instructions on formation of genetic association and technical institutions associated to breeding/production plans and projects adopted by private sector;

ü Planning on development of animal supplying fields and slaughter-houses;

ü Programming on promotion and improvement of athletic animals raising and breeding cooperated by relative federations and public farms;

ü Cooperating with related processing plants for wider animal production;

ü Procuring needed tools and facilities for holding seminars, fairs and festivals as well as scientific/technical courses in animal farming;

ü Planning and objective-definition for executive research stations and their genetic breeding and production operations followed by monitoring on performance;

ü Defining codes and conducts on development and mobilization of institutions involved in artificial insemination;

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