The Future Outlook of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Horizon of the Next Two Decades
With reliance to ever-lasting power of the Almighty Allah and under the auspices of faith and national will and the programmed and the prudent collective attempts on the way of the ideals materialization and the principles of the constitution in the 20-year outlook:

Iran is a developed country, with a first class economic, scientific and technological status in the region, with the Islamic and the revolutionary identification, inspiring in the world of Islam with the constructive and the effective interaction in international relationships.

The Iranian society will have the following characteristics under the horizon of this Outlook:

Developed in accordance with its cultural, geographical and historical circumstances, and relied upon the moral principles and upon the Islamic, national and revolutionary values focusing on the religion of the public, on social justice, on lawful freedoms, on safe-guarding human generosity and rights and having social and judicial security.

Having advanced science, capable in producing knowledge and technology, relied on higher share of human resources and social asset in the national production

Secured, independent and powerful settling down the defense based on all of the aspects of deterrence and adherence of the people and the government.

Having the health, welfare, judicial security, social security, equal opportunities, proper income distribution, secure family foundation, far from poverty, corruption, crimination and having, favorable living environment.

Active, responsibility acceptor, dedicated, faithful, satisfied, being conscientious, having discipline, the social co-operative and compromising morale, committed to the Islamic Revolution, to the Islamic system, and to the flourishing achievement of Iran, and to be proud of being Iranian.

Gaining the economic, scientific and technological first position in the region of the South West Asia(including Mid-Asia, Caucasia, the Middle East, and the neighboring countries). Putting emphasis on the software movement and science production, fast and constant economic progress, and comparative promotion income level per capita and achieving the full-fledged employment.

Inspirer, active and effective in the world of Islam strengthening the role of the religion of the public, efficient development, ethical society, intellectual and social innovation and dynamism in the way of thinking, effective in the Islamic and in the regional convergence based on the Islamic values and Imam Khomeini’s instructions

Having constructive and effective interaction at the world based on glory, wisdom and expediency principles.


In prevarication, compilation and approval of the Development Programs and the annual budgets, this point should be taken into consideration that quantitative macro-indexes, such as investment rate, per capita income, gross national product, occupation and inflation rate, reduction of the gap of income between the upper and lower classes of the society, development of the culture, education and research and the defense and security abilities, should be adapted and clarified according to the National Development Policies and the objectives and requirements of the Outlook .
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