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The 1st International Exhibition of Date 2019/02/16
29 veterinary plans will be launched in this year, 2019, decade of Fajr 2019/02/05
Chahbahar, A natural greenhouse with great access to world markets 2019/02/02
Iran is the second largest producer and breeder of ostriches in the world 2019/02/02
Iran is on the verge of self-sufficiency in sugar production 2019/01/29
After revolution, agricultural products increased four-fold in Iran 2019/01/27
Collaboration with international research institutes to increase production performance and to decrease water consumption 2019/01/26
With the presence of the Minister of Agriculture Jahad: 106 watershed projects of Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari province were opened 2019/01/20
Minister of Agriculture- Jahad Visit to Uğan Watershed in Galikesh 2019/01/16
FRWO and FAO to sign a MoU on Risk-Based Integrated Watershed Management 2019/01/16
Agriculture- Jahad Minister Emphasize the Biological Operation in Combating SDS 2019/01/16
Makran coast has large capacity for fish and shrimp breeding 2019/01/10
Information provided by Space Research Institute has application in determining and enforcing cultivation policies 2019/01/08
Iran will be one of the key centers of agricultural crops producers in the region soon 2019/01/05
Saffron cultivation system based on subterranean (underground) water 2018/12/29
Iran ranked 1st in salmon production in the world 2018/12/29
Dairy Export from Iran to Europe 2018/12/23
Tenth International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, Appliances, and Irrigation Equipment and Water Supply, and Food Industries 2018/12/23
Trilateral agreement for an increase of meat commerce, livestock inputs and birds from the west Azerbaijan borders and The Maku free zone 2018/12/11
Eleventh Tehran Organic Festival 2018/12/11
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