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2021/03/04 Durum wheat cultivation is developing in the country 2021/03/04
2021/02/28 Inauguration of the National Center for Management of Agricultural Genetic Resources and Natural Resources of the country 2021/02/28
2021/02/26 Implementation of 15 Artemia research projects in the country 2021/02/26
2021/02/23 Iran is the ninth largest producer of canned olives in the world 2021/02/23
2021/02/21 The need to sign a preferential agreement between Iran and Iraq to develop agricultural cooperation 2021/02/21
2021/02/20 Unveiling of 7 agricultural service drones in Alborz, Iran 2021/02/20
2021/02/16 12th International Exhibition of AGRICULTURE 2021/02/16
2021/02/15 FAO, Iran start joint programme to reinvigorate agricultural innovation in the country 2021/02/15
2021/02/14 Beginning of operation of 372 greenhouse projects with investment of 4200 billion Tomans 2021/02/14
2021/02/13 Introducing and celebrating 170 distinguished agricultural sectors across the country 2021/02/13
2021/02/09 Unveiling of the "Razi Cov Pars" vaccine of the Razi Institute 2021/02/09
2021/02/07 Reproduction capacity of 40% of juvenile fish required in the country in Iran 2021/02/07
2021/02/06 Iran Adopts New Approaches to Enhance the Rural Women’s Role 2021/02/06
2021/02/02 Minister of Agriculture Jahad announced: Developing Implementation of IWM projects in Prudence and Hope Government 2021/02/02
2021/01/31 Wheat production in 2019 in IRAN 2021/01/31
2021/01/31 FAO empowers Iranian farmers to improve agriculture water productivity and reduce water withdrawal in Qazvin plain 2021/01/31
2021/01/30 Operation of a refinery for the production of standard materials for medicinal plants 2021/01/30
2021/01/25 Minister of Agriculture Jahad in a letter addressed to the President: Stress the Completion of the Cadastre Mapping 2021/01/25
2021/01/25 Green tea leaves in 2020 Iran 2021/01/25
2021/01/23 Signing of Iran-Qatar-Oman Cooperation Agreement in the field of plant protection and plant quarantine 2021/01/23
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