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7th International Veterinary Poultry Congress (IVPC202) Feb. 4th & 5th, Tehran, Iran 2019/04/16
The value of greenhouse products exports will increase to $ 1 billion 2019/04/16
Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture: An annual production of $ 80 billion of food in Iran 2019/04/16
Norway's willingness to help develop fish cage culturing in Iran 2019/04/13
Cooperation between Iran and Chile in the field of aquatic health 2019/04/11
4th International Green Trade Fair in Horticulture, Greenhouse Industry, Agricultural Sectors, Agricultural Machinery, Flowers & Plants and Related Industries 11th-13th of April 2019) 10 AM-18PM), Tehran International Exhibition Centre )Hall # 38), Tehran, IRAN 2019/04/10
Disastrous damage of flood to the agricultural lands in Iran costs 1.5 million dollars 2019/04/06
2nd International & 6th National Conference on Organic vs. Unconventional Agriculture 2019/04/03
The International OIE (Office International des Epizooties) Meeting on Aquatic Health will be held from April 2nd till 4th 2019 2019/04/01
Mapping of organic carbon content of Iranian soils was made by the World Food Organization (FAO) 2019/03/25
Opening the 8th Regional Meeting of the Western Eurasia Map for Controlling Foot-and-Mouth Disease in IRAN, Shiraz 2019/03/25
Signing of the Agricultural Cooperation Agreement between Iran and Switzerland 2019/03/11
Seeding is one of the most important methods to save water 2019/03/09
Self-sufficiency in wheat production in the country 2019/03/04
Minister of Agriculture- Jihad: 3,000 hectares of greenhouses were created this year in the country 2019/03/04
The 11th Agriculture Exhibition for Agricultural and Animal Production Equipment – Food 14 – 21 March 2019 2019/03/03
Minister of Agriculture-Jihad announced that there was 40-fold growth in Iran’s fishery products after the revolution 2019/03/02
Two new cotton cultivars were defined through utilizing with peaceful nuclear technologies 2019/02/23
The Minister of Agricultural-Jihad emphasized the necessity of developing the production, processing and export of medicinal plants in Iran 2019/02/23
The 1st International Exhibition of Date 2019/02/16
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