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Trilateral agreement for an increase of meat commerce, livestock inputs and birds from the west Azerbaijan borders and The Maku free zone 2018/12/11
Eleventh Tehran Organic Festival 2018/12/11
3th International Conference of Agriculture. Natural Resources and Environment January 2019 2018/12/11
World Soil Day 2018 2018/12/04
Novel Agricultural Conference and Certified Iranian Agricultural Products 5th -8th of Feb. 2019, Berlin, Germany 2018/12/04
Thirteenth Summit International Cooperative Asia-Pacific 25- 29 of Nov in Tehran 2018/12/04
The world reputation of flower and ornamental plants of Mahallat! & launching the village of ornamental fish 2018/11/10
The 5th International Congress Of Large Animal Practitioners 23-24 Jan 2019 2018/11/10
Iranian Congress on Food Science & Technology 2018/10/21
The National Water Deed will be released soon / Use of agricultural fertilizer is less than the global mean in Iran “One of the main and threatening problems of the country's soil resources is the poverty of the nutritive elements”. Expressed by the head of the National Soil and Water Research Institute. He also stated on drafting the National Water Deed which is due to end for publication. According to the Information Center of the Ministry of Agriculture-Jahad and quoted by IRNA, Mr. Kambiz Bazargan hoped for the National Water Deed to be finalized and disclosed: "We have been cooperating with the Institute for Economic Research and Planning of the Ministry of Agriculture -Jahad for three years, and The Document now passes through the final stages and will soon be publicized. He also elaborated on the purpose of this Deed to estimate and provide the water quantity needed by each plant in each plain of the country. "In our estimations, it is clear that we use less amount of fertilizer in Iran than the world average in agricultural land.” Bazargan said. He also denied journalistic propaganda on excessive application of so called hazardous fertilizers in the country and added that according to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), the world mean amount of fertilizer(nutritive elements) used in many farming practices is 101 kg/ha, while it is only 89 kg/ ha for Iran. The head of the National Soil and Water Research Institute confirmed less fertilizer application in Iran, even in terms of chemical fertilizers compared to the global records, despite certain cases and points where misuse m 2017/12/30
Development of cooperation between Iran and Kazakhstan in the field of joint production of cereals, Aquaculture and trading of agricultural produces Iran and Kazakhstan expressed their willing to expand mutual cooperation in the field of joint production of cereals, aquatics and trading of agricultural produces and technology transfer. According to the Ministry of Agriculture-Jahad, Mahmoud Hojati disclosed in a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, examining the possible ways for interactions between the two countries and removal of existing barriers. He added: "We are ready to put up for exchanging agricultural commodities, which are needed by the two sides. Hojati elaborated on the two countries’ desire for further cooperation in trading major products such as barley, red meat, light/heavy livestock, oilseeds, dairy products, chicken and eggs. Hojati also said: " Fisheries and aquaculture deserve one of the areas of cooperation between the two countries, and given the substantive water resources capacity in Kazakhstan, Iran, as the largest producer of fresh-water fish, is prepared to export such products as well as planting for aquatic raising in Kazakhstan”. At the same time, Minister of Agriculture- Jahad pointed out his readiness for technical and educational support and provision of rice seed for cultivation in Kazakhstan's arable lands and revealed: "We produce about 2.3 million tons of rice per annum in the country and we can apply for its cultivation in Kazakhstan and transferring paddy to Iran. "Currently, the private sector has grown 4 rice cultivars in 100 hectares of Ghizel Urda lands, being a prosperous project in Khazakhstan", Hojati added. In the meeting, Oshar Mirza Khmatov, Kazakhstan's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, emphasized on development of bilateral collaboration on red meat, animal products, as well as resolution of quarantine issues and derivation of new ideas for trade development. “Iran can transfer its experience in the field of agro-crops self-sufficiency to Kazakhstan.” He confessed based on his thought on Iran’s gains on national self-sufficiency in key agro-crop requirements. At the same time, Mirza Khamatov called for creation of a “Joint Working Group” for expansion of mutual agricultural ties and elimination of bottlenecks in the field of trade and banking interventions. 2017/11/26
Iran and Ghana signed a Joint Cooperation Document Iran and Ghana signed three documents on cooperation in the field of External Agriculture, Mapping, Sport and Youth affairs at the end of their Sixth Joint Economic Summit. According to the Information Center of the Ministry of Agriculture-Jahad and quoting of the IRTV, the documents were signed by the Minister of Agriculture-Jahad of Iran and the Minister of Industry and Trade of Ghana. Hojati referred to a holistic and targeted conclusion of the core Memorandum of Understanding of the Summit, and revealed: "In the 5th Commission convened in Tehran in 2014, ten cooperation documents were accorded which resulted in leveraging exchanges from $ 3 to $ 30 millions between the two states, and today, signing the new documents, would hopefully manifold bilateral interactions. Minister for Agriculture –Jahad underscored the joint cooperation between Iran and Ghana in exporting technical and engineering services in the field of mapping, sports and educational co-operation and allocation of 6,000 hectares of farmland in Ghana to Iran for external agriculture as the most crucial pinpoints of the documents signed at the end of the Sixth Joint Summit. He added that at this Summit, Iran's private sector was to be involved in projects such as the transfer of water to Accra, Ghana capital, construction of a cement plant and launching a tractor manufacturing line in Ghana. Minister of Agriculture-Jahad noted the finalization of the joint banks negotiations on establishment of joint brokers, waving double taxation and advocating and encouraging mutual investment in favor of advancing economic scopes. “The Ministry of Agriculture- Jahad seriously observes and follows up the process of realizing the accorded perspectives of the Six Summit”. Emphasized by Hojati. He commented that the Ministry of Agriculture- Jahad is currently heading the Joint Summit with seven African states e.g. Sudan, Senegal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Sierra Leone as the core foreign policy of the 12th government of Iran to expand relations with African continent. The Minister of Industry and Trade of Ghana also praised cooperation with Iran as his country’s priorities and added: "A Common Market is set to begin soon in Africa, and Iran may pose great privilege without paying any custom duties if invests in Ghana” "We are ready to cooperate with Iran in this big project, and Iran can build up at least 100 industrial poles in Ghana," raised by John Curratin while emphasizing on creation of more than 200 industrial poles as Ghana national plan. 2017/11/16
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